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main_helv_s2f Start 2 Finish is your road map to navigate through the financial aid process. This guide was created to help students and families apply for and receive financial aid and scholarships at Oklahoma State University.
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Scholarships are a form of gift aid that does not require repayment. Scholarships are generally awarded on a variety of factors including academic achievement, major, academic classification, talent, leadership, geographical location, field of study, and/or financial need.


You will receive e-mail or letter notifications that will direct you to the SIS Web for Students ("Financial Aid" section) to check your application status for missing information, review/accept awards, or access other helpful information.


You will receive an e-mail notification for any forms that are required by our office. Other forms may be utilized for certain types of requests.

main_helv_info Use these helpful information sheets for information on scholarships, financial aid programs, estimated costs, and more.

Use this calculation to determine an estimate of how much it will cost to attend OSU based on your family’s financial circumstances. (Undergraduate students only.)