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Oklahoma State University

2018-2019 Parent Forms

The federal government requires that schools verify the accuracy of the information submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Please do not submit forms marked with ** unless you have been requested to do so by the OSU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid; submitting forms that were not requested by OSU will delay determination of your aid eligibility.

Unless the form is noted as an on-line form, it should be printed, completed and returned to the OSU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. To view the PDF files correctly, we encourage you to upgrade to the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat.

Scholarship Forms


 Alumni Legacy Certification Form

Verification Forms


 Dependent Student Household Size and Number in College**


 Parent Tax Non-Filer Form**


 Parent Verification of IRA and/or Pension Rollovers**


 Parent Child Support Paid**


 Documentation of Parent Cash, Savings and Checking Account Amounts**


 Documentation of Parent Net Worth of Business and/or Investment Farm**


 Documentation of Parent Net Worth of Real Estate/Investments**

PF10 (MSP)

 Determination of Parent Marital Status**

PF11 (PBE)

 Parent Taxable Earnings from Need-Based Employment**

PF12 (PCA)

 Parent Living Allowances**

PF13 (PCE)

 Parent Earnings from Work Under a Cooperative Education Program**

PF14 (PCP)

 Parent Combat Pay or Special Combat Pay**

PF15 (PDW)

 Parent Dislocated Worker**

PF16 (PEC)

 Parent Education Tax Credits**

PF17 (PFB)

 Dependent Student Federal Benefit Program Participation**

PF18 (PGS)

 Parent Grant and Scholarship Aid Reported in Adjusted Gross Income**

PF19 (PID)

 Parent Untaxed IRA Distributions**

PF20 (PIP)

 Parent IRA Deductions and Payments**

PF21 (PIT)

 Parent Tax-Exempt Interest Income**

PF22 (POU)

 Parent Other Untaxed Income**

PF23 (PPP)

 Parent Payments to Tax-Deferred Pension and Retirement Savings Plans**

PF24 (PSR)

 Parent Child Support Received**

PF25 (PUP)

 Parent Untaxed Portion of Pensions**

PF26 (PVN)

 Parent Veterans Non-Education Benefits**