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Oklahoma State University

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) FAQs

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

What must I do to make SAP?

How do I know my SAP status?

What if I don’t meet one or more of the three SAP standards?

Can I regain financial aid eligibility if I’ve exceeded the maximum number of hours allowed?

What is Financial Aid Warning?

Can I still receive financial aid while on Financial Aid Warning?

I haven’t met the Overall GPA and/or Pace (67% completion) rate required at the end of my Financial Aid Warning semester. What options do I have to regain financial aid eligibility?

Can I regain financial aid eligibility by paying for a semester or more out of my own pocket?

Can I regain financial aid eligibility by taking a semester off of school?

Why am I not making SAP, even when I have no failing grades?

If I’m ineligible to receive financial aid, can I still take out federal loans? Can my parents take out a federal loan?

How do I appeal?

Should I submit other supporting documentation with my appeal?

When should I submit the supporting documentation?

May I turn in additional information for my appeal after it has already been denied by the Committee?

May I appeal my financial aid if I am on Academic Suspension with the university?

Do I have to be admitted or enrolled to appeal my financial aid?

How is my appeal decision determined?

How will I be notified of the Committee’s decision?

Can I appeal the Committee’s decision?

Can I appeal if I missed the deadline?

What is Financial Aid Probation?

What is a Financial Aid Academic Plan?

Can I still receive financial aid while on an Academic Plan?

Will you be able to tell me what my Academic Plan is before I appeal?

If I fail to meet the standards of my Academic Plan, can I receive financial aid?

What does my advisor need to fill out on the Remaining Hours for Degree Completion Form?

I’m beginning a different level of degree program (i.e., changing from undergraduate to masters, or from masters to doctoral, etc.). Will my status be carried over to the new program?

If I don’t meet financial aid SAP standards and am ineligible for financial aid, am I still eligible to attend OSU?

How do my study abroad or consortium classes affect my SAP status?

I’m transferring from another university. How will you determine my SAP status?

Who should I contact if I have a question not addressed here?