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Oklahoma State University

Work-Study Information for Employers

Off-Campus Community Service FWS Employers:

  • Off-Campus Community Service FWS Employer Guide [PDF] [Word]:
    The Guide provides an overview of the Federal Work-Study program for off-campus Community Service FWS employers.
  • Agency Agreement (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    Details the rights and responsibilities of both the Employer and the University
  • Payment Plan (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    Details which portion, if any, the Employer must contribute toward the FWS student's salary.
  • Community Service FWS Time Approver Form (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    This form lists contact information of those authorized to verify timesheets for Off-Campus Community Service FWS students.
  • Job Request Form (Off-Campus Community Service FWS Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    Completion of this form is required to establish a position with OSU. Your agency or school must have a valid contract with OSU before a Job Request can be processed. Call our office at 744-6604 to find out more about hiring Work-Study students.
  • Authorization to Hire (Off-Campus Community Service FWS Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    This form must be completed to hire a student for an established Off-Campus Work-Study position. Once the student completes a payroll sign up with our office, the form will be returned to your agency with our authorization for them to begin work.
  • Time Sheet Deadlines (Off-Campus Community Service FWS Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    This page lists all the pay periods, deadlines, and check issue dates for the semester.


On-Campus Federal Work-Study Employers:

  • Application for Work-Study Employment [PDF]:
    Some FWS Employers use this form as an aid when interviewing prospective FWS student employees.