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Loans are awarded after your eligibility for grants, scholarships, and Federal Work-Study (FWS) is considered. Your financial aid package may include loans in the form of need based and/or non-need based financial aid.

Federal regulations place annual and aggregate (lifetime) limits on the amount a student can borrow.  These limits include Federal Stafford Loans borrowed at other schools you have attended, as well as Direct Loans.  The total amount borrowed in all programs combined (including Parent Loans) can't exceed your annual costs as determined by OSU, minus any other aid you will receive.  

The annual loan limits are as follows:

                                                            Annual Loan Limits

 Dependent Undergraduate*  Base Amount    Additional Unsub
Freshman  $3,500  $2,000
Sophomore  $4,500 $2,000
Junior/Senior  $5,500 $2,000
 Independent Undergraduate  Base Amount Additional Unsub
Freshman $3,500 $6,000
 Sophomore $4,500 $6,000
  Junior/Senior  $5,500 $7,000
Graduate Unsubsidized  
                       Graduate           $20,500  

       *Undergraduate Dependent students whose parents are denied for the Parent Loan may be
         eligible for the Independent Undergraduate loan limits.


                                            Aggregate (Lifetime) Loan Limits

   Subsidized Limit Overall Limit
 Dependent Undergraduate $23,000 $31,000
 Independent Undergraduate $23,000 $57,500
 Graduate* $65,000 $138,500

            *Graduate limit includes both undergraduate Sub and Unsub loans.

You can view the total amount of federal loans you have borrowed on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). The site displays information on your federal loan amounts, outstanding balances, loan status and loan servicer.

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