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Oklahoma State University

Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan

Parents with good credit can use the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Program to help pay for educationally-related costs, including, but not limited to, general enrollment fees, tuition, room/board, books, and miscellaneous personal expenses. Eligibility in this program is not contingent upon financial need. This loan must be repaid.

Additional information about Federal Direct Loans can be found in the U.S. Department. of Education’s publication “Direct Loan Basics for Parents."


  • Students must first complete the FAFSA before the parent can be considered for this loan. Students are encouraged to submit the FAFSA, as soon after October 1 for the following fall, as possible each year.
  • Not based on financial need
  • After the FAFSA has been completed and aid determined, the parent can apply for the Parent PLUS Loan at
  • Eligibility must be determined and loan must be originated before the end of the academic period for which the loan is being requested.
  • Refer to Required Reading for terms and conditions

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Satisfactory Academic Progress and Parent Loans: