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Oklahoma State University

2017-2018 Enrollment Update Form


Initial financial aid awards for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 are based on the assumption of full-time enrollment each semester (12 or more hours each semester for undergraduates and 4 or more hours each semester for graduate and professional students). The housing plan (either "On/Off-Campus" or "At Home with Parents") reported on the FAFSA was also used in the determination of eligibility.

If you do not plan to enroll full-time in Spring 2018, use this form to update the OSU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid of changes to your planned enrollment.

Be sure you know the possible impact of droppingwithdrawing or failing to attend classes during the semester on your eligibility for financial aid.

Any change to your plans may affect your eligibility for assistance and/or the amount for which you are eligible. You will be notified if adjustments are required. You can check your awards and/or update your address by logging onto the OSU Student Portal at

Eligibility for assistance is based in part on your cost of education, expected family contribution and other sources of financial assistance you will receive. Federal annual award limits are also taken into consideration when determining your award(s). Each student is required to meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

You must notify the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid immediately if you change the number of hours in which you enroll, prior to the deadline for 100% refund of charges.