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Oklahoma State University

Work-Study Information for Employers

Off-Campus Community Service FWS Employers:

  • Off-Campus Employer Guide [PDF] [Word]:
    The Guide provides an overview of the Federal Work-Study program for off-campus employers.
  • Agency Agreement (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    Details the rights and responsibilities of both the Employer and the University
  • Payment Plan (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    Details which portion, if any, the Employer must contribute toward the FWS student's salary.
  • Signature Authorization Form (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    This form lists names and signatures of those authorized to verify timesheets for Off-Campus Work-Study students.
  • Job Request Form (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    Completion of this form is required to establish a position with OSU. Your agency or school must have a valid contract with OSU before a Job Request can be processed. Call our office at 744-7056 to find out more about hiring Work-Study students.
  • Authorization to Hire (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    This form must be completed to hire a student for an established Off-Campus Work-Study position. Once the student completes a pay-roll sign up with our office, the form will be returned to your agency with our authorization for them to begin work.
  • Time Sheet Deadlines (Off-Campus Employer) [PDF] [Word]:
    This page lists all the pay periods, deadlines, and check issue dates for the full academic year.


On-Campus Federal Work-Study Employers:

  • Application for Work-Study Employment [PDF]:
    Some FWS Employers use this form as an aid when interviewing prospective FWS student employees.

To be eligible to receive funding from the federal financial aid programs, a student must meet several basic eligibility requirements. These require that a student must:

  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a regular student in a degree or certificate program leading to a recognized educational credential;
  • Have a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED). The student cannot be simultaneously enrolled in elementary or secondary school while enrolled at OSU and receive financial aid;
  • Provide a valid and verifiable social security number;
  • Be a citizen, national, or permanent resident of the United States; a permanent resident of Guam; a citizen of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, or the Marshall Islands; or be another type of eligible non-citizen;
  • Demonstrate financial need, except for some loan programs. Need is determined from analysis of information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);
  • Respond promptly to requests from the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for documents and/or information.

In addition, the student must:

  • Be registered with the Selective Service, if required (applies to men at least 18 years old, born after December 31, 1959, who are not on active duty with the armed forces);
  • Sign the Statement of Educational Purpose on the FAFSA stating that all funds received through the Title IV programs will be used solely for educationally-related purposes;
  • Not have borrowed in excess of annual or aggregate Title IV loan limits or be in default on any federal Title IV loan or owe an overpayment on any federal Title IV program received for attendance at any institution.